Scheduled time in Summary does not include cxlled flights


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Feb 4, 2007
I have noticed that the scheduled times in the summary do not include flights that were CANCELLED or SICK. Those are still part of your award and should be part of the scheduled time.
I don't know that I agree with that. Once you have called out sick for a flight, you're no longer "scheduled" to fly it. The same goes for a canceled flight. Of course you still get paid for it, but that's not indicated on the summary page. Summary is about flight time for logbook purposes. Payroll is completely different.
How about that total on the payroll page? Also daily TAFB there. The old APDL had credit and TAFB on one line for each day so you could quickly compare with the crewtrac payroll summary.
And it doesn't show scheduled in pay details for cancelled flights either. This would be useful for tracking monthly line guarantee.
On the payroll page, cancelled and sick are included in the "Other" column.

Credit is the only concern when it comes to Payroll. This is why credit is totaled on the payroll page.

Daily TAFB is a good suggestion for the payroll page. I will log that for consideration.
Ok. I see that now, but what are all the other times in OTHER? I see sick and vacation and RTG, but almost every day has a small number of minutes that fall into OTHER. Sometimes it is 4 or 14 or 23. I Can't figure out what those times are for. Is this another bug?
I don't have a comprehensive list of everything that is included in the other column, but in addition to the ones you've mentioned, additional credit for a flight that was underblocked is another one (5 minutes for a flight scheduled 1+05 that blocked 1+00).

There are simply too many specifics to be included all in a column of their own on an iPhone screen size.