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May 25, 2005
First off, I love the logbook.

I'm using spreadsheet to enter lots of legs for each four day trip I fly. I'm a previous UNIX sys admin and prefer to use my keyboard for as many entries as possible. Is there a way or will there be an update that will allow a blocks selection to be in focus? ie. tab over to make and model and say I have EMB-135 and EMB-145. EMB-135 was the last rows selection and therefore defaults on the current row. How can I use the keyboard to scroll up and down my list of makes and models? Same with the currency entry. It will be selected (highlited) but no combination of CR, space bar, PG UP / PG DN, or arrow keys will bring up the menu. Even approaches.

If I haven't been clear, I would love to launch 'approaches' from the keyboard, tab to the correct approach, and hit the quantity then CR. Poof, it's done.

The product would have a much nicer flow and be more efficient if you didn't have to hunt around with the mouse and click all the time.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for the compliments regarding Logbook Pro. For drop down lists such as A/C Type, you should be able to drop down the list by pressing F4 then use the arrow keys to move up/dn the list then enter to select. As for the columns with the push button option to open a popup window, they do not have keyboard interaction at this time but it is on the feature request list. It has come up time to time regarding full hands on keyboard control and that is our focus for future versions as we realize quite a few people do rely/request on this capability.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve based on outstanding requests such as yours.