Seperating out flight times?


Nov 12, 2003
I'm in the import stage, and I have some mistakes at the 100 hour point. How can I pull out certain flight categories to make the correcting easier?
For instance, I want to look at just simulator entries or just PIC entries. I can only get the totals and summaries to come up, but not really what I need in a spreadsheet type working document to make the necessary changes?

Did that make sense?

Click the column header of a target column (PIC, SIM, etc.) and it will sort by the column to help you group like entries together. You can also use the Filter Bar (click the funnel icon) to further filter your data. You may also want to look at the Analzyer and the Explorer for ways to locate data to help you.

Thanks, that's what I wanted. I also used the filter, that's cool too. Now, once I click on the top of a field, is there a quick way to get a total of that particular field?
Use the Explorer for that and also the Analyzer - which is really what's it's purpose is! The favorite area of all is the Analyzer, it's VERY powerful as you get more comfortable with what it can do. Also look at it's filtering capability, from the row of filters across the top AND the Master Filter. For example, set PIC as your Master Filter and see what happens! :)