setup failure


New member
Mar 5, 2004
I just downloaded the Logbook Pro and when I go to open and install it, it gives me this message: Error reading setup initialization file. Do you have any suggestions?
The download file is corrupt. I suggest downloading this file the installing.

I tried your file, but it seems I'm not getting the whole file because it stops downloading after only about 15% of it has been downloaded. I can't figure out why. The icon shows up on my computer, though, but when I click on it, I get the same message as before. I want your program so I can coordinate it with my airline logbook program. I am frustrated. Laurie

If you are using AOL, don't. Minimize AOL and use Internet Explorer only. Try clearing your browsers cache (Internet Explorer, Tools...Internet Options...Delete Files). Reboot. Delete any other attempts you tried to download, and when downloading this time, save to a new location, such as C:\Temp. If you cannot download, you can also purchase the Software CD for $9.95.