Setup problem

Skip Giles

New member
Feb 3, 2004
Installed LBpro from saved file on W2K box. No error messages on install. Click icon to open program and window comes up with everything disabled and program is not responding.

In a previous conversation you suggested I ensure two files were on my computer. One was something containing "jet" and another that I don't remember. Also to ensure my drivers were up to date. I am updating the drivers now.

Could you give the correct names of the files that should be on my W2k box?

Also any other pointers you might have.


I'd make sure your computer has all the "pertinent" Windows Updates. The web install you did should be fine but you cannot use the installer you downloaded ot your XP machine UNLESS you selected Windows 2000 as your operating system. I suggest going to the Download Page and selecting Windows 2000 as your operating system, then choosing the top option on the right "Single File..." and download that for your Windows 2000 system.

The links I suggested for updating your data drivers can be found in the bottom of this message. I would try the proper installation file from the information I provided above first, then try updating your data drivers second.

Went to Dell and updated BIOS and other pertinent drivers. Went to settings/control panel/add and remove programs and removed LBPro. Restarted. Reinstalled from the original file downloaded yesterday making sure it was W2K. Loaded with the name and version and everything stopped. Did it all over again using a download install making sure it was W2K. Same thing. Downloaded the file again and attempted an install. Same thing.

Could something in the registery be causing this?

I have wasted 2 days screwing around with this thing and I am about to pack it in.

This is getting frustrating. Are you sure this thing is compatable with W2K?

Does anyone out there have any ideas??


I'm not sure what may be wrong with your system. Yes, there is no doubt it is highly compatible with Windows 2000. Windows 2000 and XP are very much in common, XP just being newer and an improved user interface. Logbook Pro is compatible with Windows 98 and later, and with the appropriate updates, Windows 95 as well.