Question SFAR 118 -1


Mar 28, 2009
Hi, Will Logbook Pro take into account the relief provided by SFAR 118 -1 (see extract below) in its calculation for the Currency report?
Thanks, John

14 CFRArea of reliefOriginal SFAR 118 reliefAmended SFAR 118-1 relief
61.55Second-in-Command Pilot QualificationsDue March-June 2020 has 3 grace months to complete trainingAdded pilots due July-Sept 2020.
61.56Pilot Flight ReviewDue March-June 2020 has 3 grace months to complete flight reviewAdded pilots due July-Sept 2020.
61.57Pilot Instrument Currency9-month currency look-back period (instead of 6 months) for flights April 30-June 30, 2020Added look-back period for flights in July-Sept 2020.
61.58Pilot-in-Command Proficiency CheckDue March-June 2020 has 3 grace months to complete checkAdded pilots due in July-Sept 2020.

No, Logbook Pro's currency system is completely configured by you. We have included a few basic examples to get you started, but the currency system is not connected to any kind of server that automatically updates based on changes to FARs.

You can manually edit the expiration date of history items (such as medical certificates) if applicable to you.