SingleSync WM5.0 - won't Sync


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Feb 13, 2006
I don't know if this is the right forum but hopefully someone can help. I have a PPC-6700 and have purchased a license for both APDL and Logbook Pro.

I have Logbook Pro 1.9.9 and APDL 6.0.2. I have also downloaded the APDL SingleSync version 6.1.3.

Maybe I just don't get it but what I'm doing is putting my PPC on the cradle / opening singlesync and select "Pocket PC"

I click "Next" I select all boxes and fill my name in the box, then I click "Next" again.

All my data is on the PPC and I have created a blank Logbook in LogbookPro.

I select 01/01/01 at the top of the 3rd page of Singlesync and select an Aircraft and "by day", I select the blank logbook and check all boxes then I click "Finish".

The data seems to be imported, an html file pops up and I click on the bottom hyperlink / select to open the logbook / and that starts logbook pro. There is still no data though! I click refresh in logbook pro and still nothing.

What am I screwing up here.....

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


Try creating the Types you fly within Logbook Pro in the Options...Aircraft area. After configuring the A/C Types, set your Sync on or After date in SingleSync, ensure the checkbox at the top of wizard page 3 is checked, your Logbook Pro data file is designated, and retry your sync. If it doesn't work, please send us the SingleSync log file "apdldebug.xml" for review.