Sorting same day trips


Mar 2, 2006
Southern California
Does anybody know of a way to change the sort order of multiple trips done on the same day? I know that different columns can be used to sort, but what I am talking about is sorting trips within the same date to a known sequence. I suspect that the trips are posted to the spreadsheet in the order they are input; either on the PC or imported from PDA. If I mess up and don't have them in the right order of what was actually flown, it looks goofy in the spreadsheet. I'm guess I'm looking for a way to manually override the sort order to make the trips look like they're in the correct order.
Flights are sorted by Date, OUT, Takeoff. If OUT or Takeoff is not included, the Date/Time of entry (i.e. entry sequence) for the same flight date is used. So if you want to order your flights appropriately, try entering the takeoff times.