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Feb 11, 2006
After spending nearly a year transferring times from my pda to my computer I realized that the times didn't transfer accurately.

OK, that's not the most irritating thing in the world. what's the POINT!!!

NOW... I found the time calculation preference... (you would think the default would be realistic)

I NEED to start all over again. How do I start a "new logbook" ?

The "new logbook" button in logbook pro does not work when I open the program. I tried saving my current logbook (the one with a years worth of worthless times!) as a different name and I still can not use that button.

Is there any other way I can start a new logbook without deleting the current one I have?

I apologize if I seem upset, but this program has not been easy...


Unbelievable !!!!

I cannot believe that i have to spent another 60 bucks to try and fix a mistake made with this program. This program has been nothing but a pain -- from the begining.

I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER CENT ON THIS PROGRAM... YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can always backup your database, delete the file, then create a new one. If you want the File..New functionality as described, to give you multiple data file capability, this requires the Enterprise Edition.

If you are using the Import Wizard, it gives you the option to REPLACE your data automatically. If you are importing from APDL, it will remove APDL flights that fall within the data range prior to syncing again to prevent duplicate entries.
I have been reading this blog all day. and i mean all day...

How do i re-sync all the data on my palm so as to replace the existing data (that was originally synced).

I have other data on this logbook from manual entry that i dont want erased(this data is not of a date that is on my palm)

I have version lbp 1.9
We have two Palm logbooks, are you using APDL or Logbook Pro Palm Companion? APDL is the only one that will replace existing data on a resync. You would set your date in the PDA Wizard...APDL page to 1/1/2001 then resync. Backup first, of course!

If you used the Import Wizard to sync in data there is the option to replace vs. append data.

As always, we suggest keeping up to date with the latest version, however, if you are using the Logbook Pro Palm Companion (not APDL) an update will delete your existing data.