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Bug Report Status Board - duration


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Aug 31, 2009
Sometimes, when I open up the status board is shows the scheduled duration for the leg I'm on (2nd line in the status board). Usually, it shows the amount of time elapsed since I pushed (which I think it should). The attached screenshot shows total duration for the current leg instead. I opened up APDL & realized I forgot to enter in on/in times for the previous leg. I was in airplane mode already, entered the on/in times for the previous leg, and then entered the out/of times for the leg I was on. Block line shows scheduled block instead of elapsed block...



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General question... Do you guys (Neal) prefer that I post things like this here on the forum, or just submit a trouble ticket?
General question... Do you guys (Neal) prefer that I post things like this here on the forum, or just submit a trouble ticket?

Dennis, thanks for asking. If you have a "private" issue and/or need 1 on 1 assistance, the help desk (support ticket) is the preferred option. For general issues or questions the forums are preferred. The forums are great as others can learn from the questions asked, the answers, etc. Forum users can help other forum users as well. People get great experience with the apps and do things we never even thought of and can share these "use cases" with others that may come across a scenario someone has already handled. In addition, a support ticket is a one on one, the forum allows my entire support and dev team to see the issues, help with the answers, and learn from the posts.

Sometimes posts may not have an answer, i.e. your top post in this thread. We are looking at it but don't really know an answer, it's more of a "monitor" situation. It's sometimes hard to understand without the complete picture but we all try to help when possible. Please post specifics to get better assistance but I think in your root post, unless my support team has a better answer or understanding of the issue, I think all we can do is suggest "keep an eye on it" and if you see anything that needs attention, is repeatable, please provide more details, more great screenshots, and we'll try to figure it out as best as we can.

Thanks Dennis!