Logged Status board, incorrect status


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Aug 31, 2009
Status board does not open up in the correct tab, with the correct color. Once you have put a push time in, it should open up to "blocked out," and if you are any time during the duty day you should be "on duty." I am in Crew rest now, and it should open up to "off duty." Every time I open up to the status board, it always opens up in the "on duty" tab. If you click on a different tab, it will then highlight all tabs yellow correctly. These are screenshots taken just now, in Crew rest. When I open up to Status board, it opens in "on duty" tab, colored white. I click on "blocked out" & it turns yellow. "Off duty" is correctly white. Then I select "on duty" and now that is correct and yellow.

"Blocked Out" will occur when Scheduled Out passes (if I recall) - not sure if it requires actual out. I have a feeling your top screen occurred before APDL completed its calcs as the bottom screen appears as it should.
I guess my point is that it always opens up in the "on duty" tab, and that tab is always white. I can click on a different tab, and that seems to "wake it up," and then tabs display in the correct color. I just opened up APDL, let it a sit for a few minutes to make sure all calcs were finished, and took same screenshots with same results. "On duty" tab opens in white, select "off duty" tab & it is white, select "on duty" tab again, & NOW it is yellow along with "blocked out.". If calcs were still not finished, then that needs to be fixed I guess.

Neal, did you guys find a fix for this yet? Do you need more supporting information?
The latest update still doesn't work correctly regarding this issue. I have version 7.1.22. Every time I open the app, it opens to the "on duty" tab...
It had always been set to resume to Status board, but I had recently changed it to last viewed. I changed it back to Status board, but it still does this behavior. Is there something I can do to help you troubleshoot this issue? Video of screen while going into app?
Even after letting it calculate everything after opening APDL, if I then switch to current duty and then go back to Status board, it still goes to "on duty" tab only.
APDL still always opens to the "on duty" tab for me, instead of whatever status I am really in. Any idea when this will get fixed? Is it still an open case?
APDL still always opens to the "on duty" tab for me, instead of whatever status I am really in. Any idea when this will get fixed? Is it still an open case?

Please check "APDL" is ON in your device's Settings / General / Background App Refresh (as well as top level item is ON).
Those are on, and were on before too. Anything else I can do? Would you get more useful information if I send a report from within APDL.
Go to the Contact Us area of the app and submit a problem report and we'll review the logs. We'll keep investigating this to see what we can determine. When the app resumes it has to recalculate and figure out where it is, the status board may be showing the last state and not refreshing fast enough to determine your current duty. We have discussed this and know it's an area that needs to be improved such as with the background recomputations so that it can wake or refresh properly and timely.