SWA Schedule Importing


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Apr 30, 2005
I just found out about this electronic logbook site and I'm trying to figure it out. I've been at it for several days and just don't understand the lingo of your website. First off, Do you have to use a Palm to import schedules from airlines then sync it up with LBP on your desktop? How can I go straight from my airline's scheduling program or bid sorting program, like WBid, or our monthly calendar program, like moostro, into your logbook program? I currently do not have an electronic logbook, nor do I use excel. So how do I import? I've looked at your tutorials, read your forums and I still can't get anything to import into something that looks like a logbook. Please help...if you can.

About to give up,

Hi Don,

It sounds like what you want is Logbook Pro and Auman Software's Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook (PDA) which does handle schedule importing and also sync's to Logbook Pro. Please view this information to learn more.