Sync adds a series of dashes to LBP remarks!


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Jun 24, 2005
:confused: :lookaroun Every time I sync APDL to LBP it adds a series of dashes to the remarks section in LBP. I always have to manually remove them. Is there a way to keep this from happening? Richard
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Yes, I have leg notes checked. Everything works fine and all the notes transfer over except in the remarks there are a series of about 6 dashes that prior to the notes I have to manually remove from every flight. Thanks for getting back to me.

It appears you are getting the dashes as a result of using the Schedule Importer where the imported data does not contain a CA or FA as an example. You'll need to tap on Crew on the logpage that requires attention if these dashes are a concern.
APDL update problems

Thanks, I will take out the crew dashes the next trip bacause I don't use that option. I enter the crew in the notes because occasionally the crew changes during the day.
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I took out the dashes in APDL <CREW> and then imported to LBP. It took all but one dash out in remarks in LBP. I still have manually remove it. Just thought you would like to know!!