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Sync of APDL PPC


Apr 23, 2006
When syncing data from APDL you can choose to sync by leg or by logpage. I would prefer to sync by logpage but when I do this it only will show the first N# flown that day. When I have logged time in the past I have switched lines when either the N# or date changes. For example on a 6 leg day the first 2 legs were in N123AE and the last 4 legs were in N124AE. I would log that day on 2 lines one for each N#. Is there any way to sync that way? I thought maybe you could have an APDL logpage for each N#. Can you have multiple logpages in APDL for one day? Also I want to append multiple flight #s into one text field I labeled Flight Numbers in logbook Pro but I noticed that option is unavailable if you select by logpage. Can this be done?


Neal Culiner

Founder, President
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Nov 14, 2001
Hello Dave,

APDL assumes if you are making a log entry "By LogPage" that nothing is changing throughout this trip and it is just adding up the numbers and routes. It assumes you flew the same a/c throughout the day. In this case, it is best that you sync "By Leg" if information changes and/or you have remarks for each leg you want to appear.