Sync same N-numbers after acft mods?

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
I have flown a fleet of EMB-145ER, and logged as EMB-145ER, that I will collectively call “N12345”. After engine mods and other improvements these acft were re-issued a new airworthiness certificate and re-typed as EMB-145EP.

Since these mods my APDL v6.1.4 under Options/Aircraft Lists/edit… all the “N12345” aircraft are correctly listed as EMB-145EP.

However, when I sync to my LBP PC these aircraft (flown after the mods) are still displayed as EMB-145ER.


How do I fix it?

Btw, hundreds of entries are impacted by this irregularity.
The way the PDA Sync Wizard works for APDL is:

-You define a Default A/C Type in the APDL config of the PDA Wizard for APDL
-APDL only has tail numbers
-When Logbook Pro Syncs in your APDL data it receives a tail number, it looks in Logbook Pro's database to see if you've flown this tail number previously. If so, it uses the found TYPE paired to that tail number. If not found it will use the Default A/C Type specified.

As in your scenario the tail number should be paired now with EP, therefore you will probably need to edit the new flights coming in that are going to a different type until the new pairings are in the history and then it will pair properly.