Need Info Sync trips to two devices


Apr 6, 2006
Do I have to use the schedule importer to import my trips to both devices? Or, am I only required to do it on one device and the other will sync the trips across the two? Iphone/iPad.

thank you.
Import once to APDL and it will sync between the two.

This is not true if you use APDL and Logbook Pro mobile. They are separate apps and must be imported separately.
I imported the trip to APDL for iPad where it imported properly. However, the trip is not displayed on the iPhone APDL. I sync'd the iPhone, restarted the app several times. No luck. Any suggestions?

Thanks Andy.
Hey Neal, thanks for the quick reply. I imported to the iPad and they are in the calendar view. They are not in the calendar view on the iPhone. I'm logged in on both devices.
On the menu tap Sync on the iPad and wait a minute then close APDL. Then start APDL on your iPhone and it should sync on startup but then tap SYNC on the menu when all spinners in the menu and at the top of stopped to command another sync. Now go to the Calendar and see if the trips appear.

Also ensure on both devices Settings/Sync that sync is ON - no one should ever ever ever turn sync OFF, it is your backup.