Syncing ADPL to Logbook Pro date formatting error


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Aug 28, 2005
I am just getting started with Logbook Pro (I have been using ADPL for 2 months) and just imported my ADPL data into Logbook Pro for the first time. I have one technical problem and two questions.

The problem: When I import the date, the day and month get scrambled. Some dates are correct, but some dates seem to switch the value for the month with the value for the day. For example, the 3rd of August 2005 which starts out as 3/8/05 ends up being imported as 8 Mar 2005 or 8/3/2005. I am still using the evaluation modes for both applications, could this be the problem?

Question 1: I fly the Dash 8 100 series and 300 series. I have the registrations in ADPL associated with either the 100 or 300, however, when importing into Logbook Pro, I have to set a default aircraft for all imported data. Is there anyway I can import the specific aircraft type? I'd like to keep track of whether I am flying the 100 or 300 without having to pick through every leg I've flown.

Question 2: Is there anyway to import the crew name of the Captain I fly with into it's own column. Essetially I am trying to keep the format of Logbook Pro as similar to my original logbook without having to do a lot of manual entries. I also make use of the remarks section in ADPL, so importing the crew names in the remarks section will not work as the name will be mixed with the other comments.

Other than these teething problems, this looks like a great application! I'm looking forward to not having to manually fill in a logbook anymore. Thanks

For the 'problem' request, can you confirm the locale of both your PC and PDA? For example, are you using United States Settings (M/d/yyyy) (Region Settings) or a different format?

The other two questions are already feature requests we are investigating for a future update to APDL.

My PC is set to the Canada settings with the short date set to 29/08/05 format and the long date set to August 29, 2005. My pocket PC was set to the US settings, the short date is set to M/d/yy, and the long date is set to dddd, MMMM dd,yyyy.