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Time Conversion Flexibility


Feb 16, 2005
Goldsboro, NC
I am transplanting a few of my posts in support to the wish list forum, so these are just cut and pastes.
The time conversion works great for overall time, but is there a way to have time conversions apply to separate/individual times? For instance, FedEx wants tactical P.I.C. time. In my excel spreadsheet, I am able to apply a time conversion to my F-15 and AT-38P.I.C. time to give them an accurate tactical P.I.C. time. Additionally, I would like to put my instructor and evaluator time on my resume with the conversion applied. (This would also apply to night, total military P.I.C., etc). I know this may not work for all times (mostly due to the difficulty in assessing the number of sorties required to apply the .2 conversion), but it seems like a simple enough request based on the power of this program.