Times carrying over in version 1.7.40?


Feb 10, 2002
I have noticed that some times are being carried over from one record to the next in the 'Flt Time' page. For example, when adding legs one thru three, and having instrument (or night etc.) on entry number one and not on entries two and three, if you go back and view the entries starting with number one, the time carries forward into the next record. If you scroll thru the entries from the 'General' page first to get to the desired entry, then move to the 'Flt Time' page, the times are correct.

The times seem to revert back to normal if I go back to the 'Switchboard' then back to the logbook. Also, the times seem to be downloading to the main logbook correctly even if they are showing incorrectly in the PDA.
I just uploaded a patch to take Logbook Pro up to 1.7.41 and the Palm Companion to 1.02. These fixes should be taken care of. The patch is in the beta testers hands right now, so I'll wait a day or two before releasing it publicly. Here is the download link if you'd like to try the patch out.

download.logbookpro.com/lbproPatch1741.exe (1/2 meg)

You can now install the Palm Companion from the PDA Companion \ Palm Companion menu, you'll see the new menu option.

Let me know if this fixes the issue or not. It was happening in almost all the Logbook screens come to find out!

Thanks for reporting the 'feature.'

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.