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Sep 19, 2015
I am trying to view specific times in my logbook pro, using the spreadsheet view. How do I specify if I want to only view XC time, or simulated instrument time, SEL time? This is to audit my entries against my paper log. I constantly have to go back and correct errors....ugh. I know I can filter visible data to view specific aircraft, but what about viewing only other elements, such as those mentioned, or night time, etc. ALSO, can we view cumulative time within a specific time frame? A paper log we can view total time per page of 7 entries. Can I specify to view total time for only 5, or 10 entries, for example? Thanks for helping a new bee!!
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You can filter by aircraft in the Analyzer if you want to see totals. If you want to see specific entries on the spreadsheet view you can use the "find" function at the bottom right by clicking the binoculars button. This won't hide all other entries but will allow you to sequence from one match to the next.
You can also filter the aircraft types in the spreadsheet view of your logbook. Select the filter icon (funnel shaped), select the aircraft to show and select update.

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