Mar 31, 2006
I would like to keep all of my times local. I have set the top drop down on the main page to UTC-4 because that is my domicle time in PHL. when I put airports in the program I just need to make sure that I put the correct UTC converstion right. For eastern time it is UTC-4 and for central times it is UTC-5 right. I understand this will change when the clocks are set back in the fall. Is this what the small box "Apply daylight savings" means? Is that it will automaticall do this for me? I want to make sure all of these time setting are correct before I put lots of flights in there. Also Is there an easier way to find airports UTC conversions besides looking them up one by one on airnav.com?
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All times are non-daylight-savings UTC times. So for the eastern timezone it would be UTC-5 (LGA) , UTC-6 (ORD), UTC-7 (DEN), UTC-8 (LAX), and so forth.

Check "Apply Daylight Savings" if the city participates. PHX, and some cities in Indiana come to mind for not checking this box. This website has allot of timezone info (non-aviation) http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst2005b.html

Then on the "Timezone settings" page. Check "Daylight Savings is in effect". UN-Check in October when we rest the clocks.

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I have LGA to UTC-5 and ORD set to UTC -6 with the daylight time checked. I do not have many entries right now so should I change and correct the times? When I uncheck the daylight time boxes it suntracts one hour from the UTC time right.