Tracking Different Aircraft Models


Feb 16, 2005
Goldsboro, NC
Is there a way to track the same aircraft with different models? For instance, is there a way to group the T-38A, AT-38B, and AT-38C into T-38 time? I have also separated my Cessna 172 time into 172K, 172L, 172M, etc. I basically added each aircraft model as different aircraft and add up the time using the analyzer, but is there a way you can build that into your log? I was thinking of having a dropdown menu when you log your time. For instance, you can select T-38 as the aircraft you flew, then have a choice of which model. Just a thought.

This functionality is expected in version 2. We plan to put in a master type such as "C-172" and allow sub-types so you can do exactly as you wish. This will allow a summary of time in "C-172" as well as a break down by the specific model.

As you are getting more familiar with Logbook Pro, feel free to post suggestions to the Wish List! You're following in Yogi's footsteps nicely - he had a ton of ideas years ago when he started which made a significant impact on making Logbook Pro what is today! Your suggestions are very welcome and it makes Logbook Pro a better product with all the ideas to help us make this product better for you and the entire Logbook Pro community.