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Transfer PPC key code to Palm


Nov 12, 2005
Just bought a Treo 650, and still have time of my old liscence under the PPC. I tried using the old Key Code, with the 01-10 changing it to 01-09, and it didn't take. I tried it a few times, but got frustrated cause it deletes it each time, and those little buttons are small. so, I have only 60 days left to figure this out.

I also have tried to start a trouble ticket, numberous times, but, never get a response email telling me my ticket number.

So, I'm resorting to putting this on the forums.

Please help, without having to shell out another 100 bucks for a product I already own.,

Thanks in advance.

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

You cannot simply change the prefix, they are completely different licenses. Each OS (Palm or Pocket PC) are licensed separately. If you have a valid Palm OS purchase, please submit your name/unlock code pair for review in a support ticket for further assistance.