Using Palm III with APDL and LogbookPro


New member
Dec 6, 2007
I have been using APDL on my Treo 650 and I am switching to a different phone because they keep breaking. I have an old Palm IIIx and would like to continue using APDL and LogbookPro; if I can. A thumbs up or down, if I can still use it would be nice and if I can, then how do I upload and download the info. Thanks for the feedback.

We support Palm OS 3.1 or later so you should be fine. Feel free to download an evaluation from our web site if needed and experiment on the new device. Please review our knowledgebase for helpful articles.
Please remember the Palm IIIx runs on AAA batteries and great care needs to be taken with these units. Data may be lost if the batteries go dead or changed improperly. The memory protection capacitor last about 1 minute or less.

Please see Palm for more details.
Thanks. I didn't realize the information would not be saved if I took to long changing the batteries out. Maybe I should go to a newer model Palm handheld then.