Transfering Data


Mar 26, 2002
I entered 8 aircraft and a sum of totals from previous log books to my new Log Book Pro. There are only 8 lines on the log book view. I wanted to copy this file and put it on our school computer at the airport. I noticed that this small file was 2.4 meg. in size. Why? I couldn't copy it to a floppy because of it's size. Am I doing something wrong in the downloading process? I checked the help screen, but it dosen't tell me how to transfer from one Log Book Pro to another Log Book Pro.

Sorry, if I didn't read far enough, I just couldn't find the instructions how how this is done.

Thanks for all your help,
Jim Leon

Never fear, there's always a way to do it in Logbook Pro, and you're overlooking the obvious! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

You don't want to copy the file, it does get large, that's a Microsoft 'feature' we all have to live with...Microsoft can afford hard drive space! However, Logbook Pro to the rescue, click File...Archive...Backup and this will significantly compress the data file. From the other computer you restore the backup file using File..Archive..Restore.


Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.