Treo 650, Logpro companion, customise time fiels such as flight instructor, etc.


Nov 29, 2005

I have recently purchased the Logbook pro comanion, and very fast I noticed that some of my customized fiels such as, flight instructor times, glass cotpit times and so on do not transfer to my Treo 650. I did noticed that some do, like the field where I can put my turbo charged flight time and point to point flight time. just in case you also need to know I have also purchased the cross fire already. how can I transfare these constumized data entry fields. is there another version comming anytime soon with all of these options?

thank you.

Any custom fields created in Logbook Pro's PC edition should transfer for entry on the PDA Companion. They are located in their own separate areas such as selected from the navigator drop down "Custom Time" as an example. If you do not see this, let me know and we'll investigate further, but realize where to look, each custom area is its own data entry area on the PDA side due to smaller screen sizes.