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PalmIII Data to Treo


Aug 24, 2005
Question: Is it safe to bring data files from my Win98PC (previous version of APDL) to the WinXP laptop with V6 and new Palm desktop?
If so which files (or which ones NOT to bring to the backup folder on WinXP) I would like ALL of my previous APDL info on the Treo

I have been using my Palm3 and Syncing it with my Win98 PC. I purchased a Treo 650 which requires WinXP to sync. My laptop is WinXP I installed the Palm Desktop (newest version)on laptop. I had backed up the Palm3 on the laptop a few months ago. So I should have most everything I need on the laptop (I thought).

Syncing my Treo to the laptop (my only option) proved fatal to the Treo.(had toHARD reset it each time I tried to sync. It never worked due to incompatible programs)

After doing some research I renamed the Backup folder on the laptopso the sync program would not access it. Sync worked perfect. I downloaded the Version 6 and synced again with no problem. APDL is installed on my Treo. (And the Treo works!)

Now I have no past or present data including setup items like airports etc. on my Treo (which is what I expected at that point).

Please refer to this article in our APDL FAQ forum for assistance.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I have done what was presented.

I suspect that the files from the old version are not compatible with the files of Version 6 of APDL. When I move the suggested files and perform a hot sync the files get removed from the Backup folder. I tried it 3 times with the same result. First time I recieved an error message about a Airlinelog fileyyymm.pdb I checked treo and backup folder on laptop...all the files I transfered were deleted by the software.

Should I update PalmIII to Version 6 of ADPL...will it convert the data files.
Once again thank you for your quick reply.
I tried letting Desktop overwrite device..since there was nothing on the device. I see data for Aug O5. But a bigger concern is that if i go into the Summary page I can scroll back through the months to July of 03 (when I began using APDL) and see data. When I chose the option to chose FROM and TO on the bottom of the screen and select FROM 07/15/03 and TO 08/24/05 I get a message The dat you have selected is prior to your last archive date. Unable to select a date prior to 01/01/05. I have tried using the refresh option for a couple of months. But the Treo starts processing then resets itself.

Any ideas?
SYNC log is included at Bottom of this.
Thank you again!

Notice my Palm is named DG but the backup file is in DGO.. is that correct?

HotSync operation started for DG on 08/24/05 17:36:59

OK Tasks
OK Memos
OK Media
OK Calendar
OK Contacts
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\Airline-Code.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200306.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200307.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200308.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200309.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200310.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200311.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200312.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200401.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200402.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200403.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200404.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200405.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200406.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200407.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200408.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200409.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200410.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200411.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200412.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200501.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200502.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200503.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200504.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200505.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200506.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200507.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLog-200508.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-ABE.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-ATL.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-ATW.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-AVL.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-AVP.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-CAK.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-CHS.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-CLE.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-CVG.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-DCA.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-FNT.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-GSO.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-GSP.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-HPN.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-HSV.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-IAD.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\DG0\backup\AirlineLogbook-IND.PDB
- Installed file: C:\Palm\D

The Hotsync system conduit must be set to 'Device overwrites Desktop'. Any
other setting will delete files from device, and then the next hotsync will
delete them from your backup folder. To change click on the hotsync icon on
Windows lower right taskbar. Click (Custom) and scroll down to the 'System'
conduit. Set it to 'Device overwrites Desktop'. Click 'Ok', and 'Done'.

Make a backup of your entire c:\program files\palm folder.

Hotsync your pda.

Open the c:\program files\palm\[new treo palm username]\backup folder. It
will include all the AirlineLogbook-YYYYMM.pdb files on your device.

Open the c:\program files\palm\[old palm username]\backup folder and double
click on any AirlineLogbook-YYYYMM.pdb files that are missing from your
palm. Double click on the AirlineLogbook-pref.pdb file (This contains you
original preferences, including airports, aircraft, and the correct archive

Hotsync your PDA.

If you continue to have a problem with the 'Last Archive date 01/01/05',
then please email me a copy of your Airlinelogbook-pref.pdb file from your
[new treo palm username]\backup folder.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.