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Trip Rig Values


Mar 4, 2015
I was trying to set up the trip and duty rigs in settings and noticed there was no way to set less than whole number increments in the trip and duty rigs. Delta uses 1:3.5 for trip rigs. Is this something we will see in future versions?
DOH! Hehe... Thanks, it sure is. Time for my nap!:homer:

Don't feel bad. I've been trying to get them to code it the way contracts read 1:XX for a long time. When things settle maybe they will.
I plan to use APDL primarily for tracking 117 legalities, but if you are committed to full pay-tracking also, is there any provision for Minimum Daily Guarantee? I don't remember seeing anything for it in the setup.
That's true, but regardless of who wrote them, the whole point is to increase awareness of the resources that are out there so users can find answers on their own without having to wait for a reply from us.