Two Computers


New member
Aug 29, 2005
I recently purchased the log book pro software... in the conditions it stated that i could put the log book on two different computers.... i recently purchased a laptop but the registation key will not let me load the software onto my laptop... how do i get a key to let me use it on my laptop instead of one of my desk top machines?

The Professional Edition allows install to two computers for one pilot logbook. If you're having a problem activating the second computer, please submit a support ticket as we cannot assist with registration issues on a public forum. Be sure to include the registration name and unlock code exactly as issued at purchase.
Maybe I did not make myself clear... i have already installed the program on two computers... but my desktop has failed which made me purchase a laptop.... do i have to purchase another version just for my laptop or can i use the laptop as the second computer since my desktop is tango uniform.