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Two wishes to make logbook entries easier and faster


Jun 17, 2003
I'm quite pleased with the PDA version of LogbookPro but I somehow miss two things:

* Since I mostly have to enter flight times very quickly into my PPC, I regret having to click on both the hours field to enter the starting hour andthe minutes field to enter the minutes. Would it not be possible to change the code that you just have to click on the hours field, enter the the two digits and the program immediately switches over to the minutes field so you can enter the complete IN or OUT times in one step?

* Secondly I miss the possibility of the LBP PPC version to remember strings I entered in any text field like "aircraft make & model" or "route of flight" but also in custom text fields so I don't have always to enter again the complete string eventhough I entered it already several times before. It would be nice to havea drop-down menu like the PC version has which lets you reselect data you already entered before. Again this is mainly an issue for me since I have to enter flight times very quickly and would prefer not to enter the completeroute of a flight againif I just flew it the day before.

I fully agree with the requests from 'vacs'.

It will speed up things a lot if I can select the routes and registrations from a popup menu like in the desktop version.

In Europe, officially, you can't log more then 1 leg at a time anymore. So if you do 4 legs you have to enter the aircraft-registration 4 times.
I'll add this is a priority suggestion

Thanks for the reply.

Maybe it would be a great idea ifone could predefine those strings which will later pop up in the pull down menu. This together with the program remembering entries from earlier would be really a nice feature.