Resolved Unable to generate reports


New member
Feb 6, 2024

I recently started flying again (after about 10 years away) and started making entries in Logbook Pro 1.16.9 Desktop (DB Version 1017). Entries work fine, but when I try to create a report, for example Flight Log > Flight Log Summary > Grand Totals, > All Data, I get a dialog that says: Error Number: 5000 Error in processing report. [Extended Info: SubReport for control rptSubReport failed. Failure due to: Not a valid password.].

I am logged into my account in the application, so I don't know what password is invalid. Please help.

UPDATE: When I select the Windows Explorer view from the toolbar, I can see Grand Totals under Flight Log and the numbers look accurate.

Thanks. I followed the instructions, and my database shrank from ~8MB to ~4MB. Unfortunately, I still see the same error message when trying to create a report.
Uninstall Logbook Pro, reboot, reinstall from this page, see if it continues. If so, please submit a support ticket and attach a backup (.BAK) file for us to review. Uninstall/reinstall does not affect data.