Unable to really edit reports... still???


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Jul 28, 2014
From the help; "Columns cannot be removed, hidden, resized, or reordered."

This was a feature in progress two years ago when I started using LBP - I'm trying to remove columns such as "Multi Engine Sea" from my report so I can print my logbook.

Why would I want that column there if I don't have any ME Sea time?

Is there a way to design my own reports and layout?

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the quick reply!

There are 6 columns under "Aircraft Category and Class" in the split Jeppesen style. Can I change it so there are only the 2 columns, Single Engine Land and Multiengine Land? If I blank the column heading, it looks like it will still show the column, only with a blank header.

Logbook Pro - C__Users_Steve_Documents_My Logbook Pro Files_v1_SteveBick.lbk - [_2016-05-12_09-3.png