Unable to Sync


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Apr 18, 2008

My name is Dave. I have recently purchased Logbook Pro Professional Edition, Route Browser V2, and Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion.

I spent several days entering all of my data into your program, and I had few difficulties with this. I have also successfully (I think?) installed Pocket PC Companion into my mobile device.

I can not get the two to sync.

About my system(s):

I use an HP Pavilion lap top computer running Vista. I sync to my device via Windows Mobile Device Center V 6.1.6965. My version of Logbook Pro Professional Edition is: 1.10.26 and the version of Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion is: 1.10.16. My device is an AT&T “Tilt” (HTC-8900) running WM6. It has a display of 240X320.

I have attempted to follow all of your instructions, but when I attempt to sync by opening then closing Logbook Pro on my PC, nothing happens. When I select “PDA Wizard”, I get a message stating “Pocket PC not detected or Logbook Pro is running on the device. Ensure device is cradled/connected via ActiveSync. Logbook Pro should also be closed (File..Shutdown) on the device.” There is nothing listed in merge queue for sync in the wizard.

When I attempt to open the program on my device, I get the message “Unable to locate Logbook Pro data from PC. Start then close Logbook Pro on your device to send data to this device automatically.”

Other INFO:

I have disabled User Account Control on my PC. I have also disabled the McAfee firewall. I believe I have successfully registered both programs.


Thank you,