Unlocking LP on the PDA


Sep 30, 2004
I would like to know how to unlock LP from my PDA so I can transfer the program to my PDA Data card without lossing all of my trips.

Thank you.


You can purchase the PDA Companion license code from our Online Store. Enter the license code in both the PDA and PC under the PDA Companions\YourPDAType area and follow the instructions in the help documentation if needed.

I have purchased both programs, for the home computer and PDA. Since I have purhcased these and have been a customer for over a year, why is there nothing I can do? I have to by something else? That does not seem right.
Let me clarify my situation. I have been using the PDA version for about 5 months. I went to go copy it to a expansion card but, the program is locked on my palm. (When I go to copy it from my handheld to the card there is a lock icon next to the file name on my handheld). I have asked several people including Palm on how I can unlock the program and put it on the expansion card. (I would like to do this so I do not lose my flight records ie: the palm is replacing my daily flight log that I carry with me, day to day. I have keept them all since I starting fly for the airlines several years ago.

If there was any confussion, my bad. I hope this helps out.