upgrade to professional edition?


May 31, 2004
I have purchased the upgrade to the professional edition, and followed the instructions to remove the last version of lbpro, then installed the latest download. However, when I open Logbook up it still calls it the standard edition, and when I go to help and go to about logbook pro - it still shows it as a standard edition. The question is, did I really get the Professional version?
There is no separate install for the Professional Edition versus the Standard Edition. The unlock key sets the version. If you entered your upgrade code after having the Standard Edition installed and upgraded to the Professional Edition, you should see Professional Edition on startup, and with which the FAR 121/135 features will be available among the other Professional Edition features. If you are not seeing the Professional Edition, please contact support@nc-software.com. Again, the procedure for those with the Standard Edition upgrading is to click Help...Upgrade and enter your Upgrade key and the Professional Edition features will be turned on.

I have downloaded the Proffesional upgrade (from the purchase phase of the order) to the same computer that has the standard edition, because I thought that is what I needed to do to upgrade. It is my understanding that the Professional version has the capability to be usedand sync'ed on more than one computer. How do I now get the Professional Version on my second computer? Can I download it to the other computer?I already downloaded it once.
I have the new key, but I don't know how/where to put it. There are no instructions on the emails recieved.