Upgraded to Pro, Now What?


New member
Dec 31, 2014
So I installed Log Book Pro on my laptop thinking I could get access to my logbook from my home PC with the program already installed. Seems like this wasn't possible unless I purchased the upgrade to PRO.

So I just did that. Do I need to reinstall on both coputers or does the program automatically know that I am a Pro subscriber? Do I need to enter the new license cosde? I thought I could simply sync my laptop to pc from my hotel room, but do I have to do this at home from my main Log Book Pro on my desktop?

Also when using the schedule importer will it automatically be able to sync through the cloud to update both my laptop and desktop?

And when using my daily log on my Android Smartphone will it be able to sync to both copies?

Please Help. Thanks

The Professional Edition of Logbook Pro does not sync two logbooks together via the cloud. It uses the Synchronize wizard to first create your master and clone files. Then is used to sync both computers together. Video 10000 will explain this in greater detail.


Logbook Pro Mobile on your Android device will only sync with the master computer when using Master and Clone logbooks.

The Schedule importer can be used to import your past flying into either the laptop or desktop. Future schedules can be imported into Logbook Pro Mobile on your Android device. While flying you can enter additional info about the flight and then sync it to the Master logbook...