Upgrading from old version

Joe Gremlin

New member
Dec 11, 2006
Perhaps someone here has been in this situation or knows the answer. I was an early adopter of Logbook Pro having bought the program around 1999 or 2000. I used it more or less without any problems until I quit the piloting business about two years ago.

Now I'm getting ready to start flying recreationally again. Since I've gone through a few hard drives since I've stopped flying I no longer have the program installed but I still do have the installation file that I downloaded the last time I updated the program which I believe was version 1.6. Unfortunately, that file appears to have gotten corrupted somewhere along the line.

So my question is, does NC software have an official policy for these situations? I bought the program years ago but I downloaded it and so I do not have install discs. I've downloaded the newest version but I my serial/activation number doesn't appear to work for that version. Do I have to purchase the program again? I've searched the website but I've not found anything that would apply to this situation. Comments? Suggestions?