Reserve and RDPs


APDL Beta Team
Jan 9, 2016
So I've been riding the reserve train since February and have noticed APDL utility dropped off a bit. I've played around looking for fixes on my end and haven't found any, but maybe it's my oversight. Anyway,

it it appears that Reserve Duty Periods cannot be downloaded from Flica. I can enter them manually, but that sort of defeats the point. When I download my schedule full of nothing but reserve days it says "no trips" which is true. But since reserve availability is duty I'd have guessed it'd be useful to have that info.

Along that same theme, when I do get a trip and its entered into Flica I try to download it and get the same "no trips" message even though there is a trip right there. This is really odd because it worked just fine before I started getting reserve lines.

i read another thread where the suggestion was to use copy/paste from the calendar so maybe I'll try that.

Airline: Frontier
APDL Version: 7.9.4/37
Reserve can't be downloaded from flica or imported using the other schedule importer. They were never designed for importing reserve so they can't "see" reserve. It would require a complete redesign of the importer from the ground up. It is further complicated because different airlines display reserve differently on their schedules. I think we may try to include reserve in imports in the future but I'm not totally sure.

It is news to me that importing after receiving a trip doesn't work. We knew it wouldn't keep the RAP in there with the trip but finding no trip at all isn't something I was aware of.