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V2 update?


Jul 3, 2004
Hong Kong
G'day Neil,

I was on your v2 beta team, and asa member of this team I suggested a few ideas that would improve the usability of your product for pilots in our company (of which there are 1800). You replied that a lot of this functionality would be applied to V2.

Without some of these changes, it is difficult for me to fully recommendLBP to my peers. One of the most simple (but important)would bethe ability to log a custom time field greater than the "duration". This is essenial for us to track block hours, when we can only log time in seat. On long haul flights, time in seat is roughly half or 2/3 the block time (depending onwhether 3 or 4pilots are carried).

Also without this functionality, I am unable to use LBP to track flight time limitations because these are based on block times, andI can only log time in seat.

Once this function is available, I will have to go back and edit all of my long haul flights and append the block time to them.

Any ideas on a rough time scale for V2? I know you probably don't like answering these sorts of questions, but I can't find any hints on your forums.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Alec,

I don't have any information on version 2, shooting for 1st half 2005 is all I can say at this time. However, you have the capability now to enter times greater than duration. Simply go to Options...Flight Log and uncheck the fourth checkbox down in the bottom set 'Enable Automatic FAR Error Checking'. By turning this off it will not prevent you from entering values greater then the duration field. You will have to manually type the values in as the drop down lists populate based off the Duration entry.

Thanks for the reply Neil, but I have tried this. The fourth box down in the flight log options area is unchecked. I enter a flight of duration 6.0, and in the custom time field labelled "Block" I have entered 12.0. I am immediately presented with the error message:

"You tried to enter a value exceeding the Duration value (6.0). The value will be reset to equal the Duration value at this time"

I am using V1.9.6.5

Any ideas?

(edited) I just checked to see if this occurs when I enter data straight into the spreadsheet view, and it works fine. I much prefer the windows data entry method though. Anything I'm doing wrong?
Thanks Neil... Discovering the ability to do this greatly adds to the functionality for me. Even better if I can do it with 'windows style' data entry!

I'm amending all my existing data as we speak!