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Feb 28, 2002
Dear Neil,
as you know my feedback has always been ppositive and I am very satisfied with the product that you have, but I do think that it is time to actually start wondering if version 2 will ever become a reality. I have seen this program go through quite some changes and they have all been for the better, but now there are more and more sub-releases coming out and all the european pilots still have the wait for version 2, so that they can log in minutes instead of tenth... I do know that you don't want to give a timeschedule for its release and understand that you only want to bring it out when it's good enough. but as with version 1, version 2 doesn't have to be perfect at version 2.0...

Sorry for the negative tone, but I have been awaiting version 2's arrival ever since I bought the first version in 2001....

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Thank you for your feedback Jacco. It is my goal to ensure, no matter what version, you have the best software possible. The enhancements in 1.9.x are minor and sometimes have to grow with technology updates external to Logbook Pro. I sympathize with your situation and I will deliver. I should have NEVER mentioned a version 2, a lot of what was version 2 when it was first mentioned was actually rolled into 1.9 so it could be delivered now, not later, and free. I recognize the need for the multiple time formats, JAR, etc. As an active Logbook Pro user, you will be an integral part of version 2 which I'll be opening up the former version 2 forums soon. Hang in there Jacco!

Thank you for the quick responds (as always..). It is true that you would have been better off never mentioning version 2, then again, ppl would have still harassed you over the minute issue which now was done by mentioning it would appear in version 2. I understand that this is not the only activity that you have to attend to. I'll hang in there and am still very satisfied with your software, even in the tenth format. As you know I already have a solution for printing purposes. If there is anything you need to speed up the proces let me know.

Keep up the excellent service you have provided throughout the years.

Attitude is Everything!
But Remember, Attitudes are Contagious!
Is Yours worth Catching????