Version 2.3 questions


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Jun 16, 2010
Hi Neil,

I just installed the new version of the iphone app. I really like the new way of entering times - it's much easier. I'm glad that you put the time calculator in there. Thanks. I do have a little bit of an issue with it though...When I exit out of the app, it won't always save the times. I'll even save the flight and when I open it again, the times I've entered will be gone.

Another issue I'm having is the app will sync every time it's opened. I've got all sync settings to off. Is this a bug or am I missing a selection for the sync?

Don't get me wrong, I really like the update and appreciate the frequency of them. But, I am a pilot and I'm not happy unless I'm complaining :).


What device are you using and what iOS version is installed?

I cannot reproduce either issue so I would suggest:

1) Make sure your device has the latest iOS version installed. When connected to iTunes do a check for updates
2) If you don't have any data to lose delete the app then download it again, your preferences may be corrupt and deleting and reinstalling will get you started fresh with 2.3. If you do have data you want to keep, let's try a little gentler option, or try this first...clear all suspended apps if you're using iOS 4 and then power cycle your device. Then see how things go.
I just did everything you suggested and still the same results.

I deleted the app, restarted the phone, and reinstalled it. It looks like it will automatically sync when it comes out of the "fast switch" mode (or whatever it's called). If I clear it from being suspended, it won't automatically sync (I watch the network access indicator at the top of the phone). In the sync settings, I have everything checked to "off."

Regarding the saving of the time calculator. It's still not saving the inputted times. I'll save the flight, not even exit the app, reload the flight and the times will be missing. However, if I don't save the flight the times will still stay there. This is the case whether the flight is pending or not.

I have a 32GB iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.3.1


If you SAVE the flight, i.e. leave the flight screen then yes, the time calc will be lost as the intervals are not persisted with the flight entry. However, if you leave the pending flight open, i.e. do not tap SAVE then the time calc will remember your inputs OR you can also leave the time calc open itself and that will suspend, come back to it and when you're finally done add your last interval, tap BACK to return to the Flight and enter your total duration.

I duplicated the sync on resume, thanks for the info to help me duplicate it. Fortunately that's just more of a nuisance, it doesn't cause any harm. I'll get it logged for the next update.

Hopefully everything is working well for you and it's nice and fast. Thanks for the kind words and feedback. Enjoy! :)
I've been using the time calculator feature now for a few days and really like it. I was wondering if a couple of things would be possible on a future update. Would it be difficult to make the total time for the day persistent if the flight is exited out of or saved? Also, it would be nice to be able to enter in the time from the calculator into the duration box at the end of the day by pressing the calendar looking button. Right now it enters the time from the OOOI page. An option on which data to enter in the box would be nice.


I'm glad you like it. When you are ready to save the flight just enter the time calc total into the duration box. Then it will save regardless if the flight is pending or not, but as you know the time calculator will not remember the intervals as it is only a temporary use system. I am thinking about adding a button either on the time calculator or on the right of the Time Calculator row that allows you to tap it and it transfers into Duration, we'll see how things go. I want to keep it simple and once people learn how it works I think it will be fine as is. I'll keep listening for feedback and certainly continue to improve it based on the suggestions such as yours as they come in.

I really like the time calculator feature. Could you maybe rethink making the time calculator persistent? I've gotten used to keeping the flight window open throughout the day. Yesterday though, I was running some other apps after lbpro and it made it no longer "quick launchable" (the splash screen was displayed when I opened it). This deleted my four legs previously entered for the day. I noticed it on my fifth leg of the day to a reduced rest overnight. It also deleted the aircraft ids I entered.

It would be nice to be able to save the the pending flight with the time calculaton intact so that it's not wiped out if too many apps are opened.
Hello Matt,

I'm not sure how that could have happened, when the app is suspended it shouldn't get killed by running other apps on the device. I suggest using the time calculator on the bottom section of the Home Screen. This will persist as long as the app is suspended and is not lost when the flight is saved.

The Android app does persist the values to the database, I expect the next update to the iPhone app to adopt the same capability that we have enhanced throughout the Android build. So this should come in a future release, for now as I suggested, try using the Time Calculator on the Home Screen as it persists better than the one within the flight editor.

The app is still erasing my time calculator times. It will be suspended then I will run a couple of other programs and go back to lb pro, the splash screen will display and my times will be gone. I'll have to remember to get them off my airline's flight history and re-enter them. This just started happening again a couple of days ago. I use the time calculator on the home screen. It would be great if you could fix this on an update.


You'll be happy to hear one of the changes in 2.4, due out any day as it was submitted to Apple last Friday, is the Time Calculator data is now stored in the database. The Home Screen time calculator is completely separate from the one in the Flight Screen. You can use it as desired but each flight now has its own Time Calculator. Enter a flight, start making time calc entries, go to another flight, make time calc entries, each flight has its own time calc that remembers its associated data.

Hopefully 2.4 will get reviewed and approved soon. It can take around a week for an app to get reviewed and approved once submitted to Apple.

So your problem will be solved shortly just as soon as 2.4 releases.