Version 2 release date


Feb 5, 2010
Hi Everybody,

I'm interested by Logbook Pro, but I do want to use duration in HH:MM instead of tenths of hours.
So i'd like to wait until version 2 is released to purchase this software (even if it is possible to use time and date to prepare for future update).

Then my question is: when this release is plan?

Thank you,


Note: this thread has mysteriously desappeared few minutes after posting. Is there any problem with my enquiry?
Thanks for the reply and the link.

I read the December and January Newsletter, but I didn't want to look in every Newsletters...

I understand your fears with a dead line and you're wright. But you could just say in about quarters (1st, 2nd... ?). If you say in years, well... people may be disappointed. :erm:

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I started guessing about version 2 about 5 years ago! :) That effort instead got rolled into v1 so there is confusion in the knowledgebase and forums, to all that know this, my apologies. Version 2 is labeled "Logbook Pro 2010" and has been in the works for quite a while now, nearly 3 years and my best guess is Q3 of this year. But v1 is rock solid and fits the bill for many, I realize the international community is lacking the HH:MM support which is coming in all future versions of PC, Web, and PDA products.

I want to support it all: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm/Palm Pre, Windows Mobile. It just takes time and as we are a very small company we have limited resources. As we grow things will occur faster. Thanks to all for the continued patience and support.
The name of the software let us gess when it will be released.
Thanks for the explanations and... good luck :)
Last question Neal,

What will the licensing policy when Logbook Pro 2010 will be released?
I guess that for such big upgrade, v1.10.42 users will have to pay as it was a brandnew software.

Do you already know how you will proceed?

This information is listed at the bottom of NC Software Policies but in summary, all updates of the same version number are free, i.e. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4. As Logbook Pro 2010 will a version 2.x line it will carry a small upgrade fee. I don't have any details on what that will be at this time. Keep in mind that Logbook Pro v1 has been out nearly 12 years now (next month) and to date we have never charged an upgrade fee.
I'm currently testing Logbook pro and it's quite amazing.
The only thing which retain me is that tenths hours problem...
I continue to dive into the menus...
Logbook Pro version 1.x is only able to display time in hours and tenths. However, if you enter your BLOCK IN / OUT times the minutes will be stored internally. When version 2 is release it will have support for minutes and be able to use the out and in times to get the minutes.
Yes I saw it (my fisrt post).
But I stopped testing it because the Spreadsheet Style is always freezing. Even after a uninstall/reboot/install. I may go deeper in erasing but have no time.
The freeze seems to be because of the date column (can't change anything there and in any other column).

I'm trying to make my own Excel logbook. It will be a bit more simple...
Nothing to say: that is support!
Great, no more freeze.
But I'm making my own Spreadsheet, and if you want, could I just show you in order to know if Logbook Pro can store the same data?