"Warning: Please run hotsync again"


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May 26, 2005
I started out using the trial version of Appforge Client, then installed the PDA software. Everytime I selected LBP on my Treo650 I got the 'Warning: Please run the hotsync again to download PC data to your PDA companion (No Aircraft Specified)'.

Next I purchased the Appforge Client, uninstalled the PDA client, reinstalled the PDA client, still getting the same warning message. I've done a zillion hotsync's including between uninstall and reinstall. I have one aircraft under Option:Aircraft.


If you have an external storage card in your Treo 650, remove it. Then uninstall the 'Lbk Pro' file on the PDA (Palm main screen then Delete Apps, select 'Lbk Pro' then delete). On your PC, uninstall 'AppForge Universal Conduit' from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. Run Logbook Pro and go through the steps to install the CrossFire Client HiRes edition of the Palm companion. Be sure to follow all steps of the wizard: 1) Install the AppForge Universal Conduit, 2) Install app to the device (not external storage card), 3) Configure HotSync.

Let me know if that doesn't work.

Thanks Neal, works great now.

Initially the install is a little confusing if a person read your Treo650 posting and installed the Appforge conduit first, then proceded with the PDA client install. I skipped the Appforge install option assuming I had installed it myself manually.

I really appreciate the quick response.