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Error msg when opening application


Sep 12, 2006
I have used Log Book Pro for over a year now, and I just purchased Log Book Pro Companion for my Treo 650.

After loading it (first hot sync), I ran the second hot sync as instructed.

When I try to open the application I get the following error msg:

"Please run the HotSync again to download PC data to your PDA Companion. (No Aircraft Specified)"

I have tried several hot syncs to no evail. I have also loaded the trial version of Airline Log book onto my Treo and it seems to work just fine.

Any ideas as to a fix to my problem??

If the install didn't work as expected, it may not have created the "DSN" entry which tells Logbook Pro how to communicate between the PDA and PC. You can manually create it if needed, see this article.
Yes I am working with XP.

Followed all the steps, I have both user and system DSN tabs. NCSofteware was only listed under user. Tried hot sync - no luck. So I added NCSoftware under the system DSN tab as will (per the instructions) - still did not fix my problem. :crap:
You only need the DSN in one place, if it is/was listed, then leave it as is. The problem is elsewhere. I suggest uninstalling "Logbook Pro Palm Companion" from your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area and also "AppForge Universal Conduit." On the Palm device, from the main applications screen view the menu, go to "Delete Apps" and remove "Lbk Pro" anything with the name "ingot" in the name, "AppForge" or "Booster" whichever is listed, then download the latest Palm Companion from our web site and reinstall to your PC. Hotsync twice. Also, if you are using the Logbook Pro Professional Edition and have created a "clone" then you cannot sync PDA's with clones, you must only sync with Master data files. If this is unfamiliar, disregard.
Are you using Logbook Pro Professional Edition?

Are you using a "clone" or your Master data file? (If using the Professional Edition)

Have you created entries in Logbook Pro on your PC yet, specifically, do you have aircraft listed in the Options...Aircraft area?
Yes I am using Logbook Pro Professional Edition and I am not using a clone. My laptop is the only computer the program is installed on.
Please submit a support ticket so I can view your Logbook Pro data file. Include a backup (File..Archive..Backup) please.

Please ensure you are using 1.10.25 on the PC, 1.10.0 on your Palm device, your Palm Username is correct in HotSync, and that you have aircraft specified in the Options...Aircraft area of Logbook Pro on the PC.
Update: Finally got it to work. Had to do a "hard reboot" on my Treo (which erases ALL third party programs). I guess there was another program that was creating a conflict. All is a go now.