Where did my imported data go?


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Mar 2, 2002
I had part of my logs on paper and part of them on a spreadsheet program. After entering my paper logs I wanted to import the spreadsheet program hours. Having followed the steps in help window my data is not showing up in my lbp. It is a cvs file, I selected append to data, selected the correct columns, and assigned where each column was to go. I hit OK and it asked me to compact and backup, which i let it do. After it did that it just said backup complete and returned to the spreadsheet screen without adding any of the imported data. Where did it go.



I do have version 1.6.322

E-mail your CSV data to support@nc-software.com and we'll take a look at it. Also, please make a backup of your flight log (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail us the .BAK file. Most likely there was a formatting error on one of the columns which caused the import to fail. We are looking into this and looking to provide a better means of reporting a problem.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.