Won't Sync after new Logbook Pro installation


New member
Sep 6, 2005
I recently had to do a complete restoration on my computer. During my re-installation, I discovered that my Logbook Pro data file had been corrupted as well, requiring the creation of a new logbook. Prior to this my APDL synced with my Logbook Pro, no problem. After the restoration though, I cannot get it to work with my Treo 650 Palm.

Details of what I have tried so far:
Both registration keys have been entered.
I have installed both Appforge Crossfire Client and the Single Sync.
I have ran the Hotsync conduit.
I have backed the Logbook entry date up to the time that I first began to use ADPL.
When I go to "View Last Sync Log" button under the Single Sync manager, it shows that no ADPL sync's have occured.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?
Ok, after a little trial and error, I fixed it.

The only thing that I can think that I had done different from the two installations to cause the problem is: The first time I installed the software, I installed Single Sync after my Palm Hotsync software was installed. The second time, I installed Single Sync first, then Palm Hotsync and tried to est the conduit. After I removed the Single Sync software and reinstalled it (after Hotsync) was installed, it worked OK.