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Writing info on the PDA with stylus


Active member
Sep 27, 2002
I'm not sure if this is due to the setting on the PDA (HP2215) or if this is driven by thesoftware (LBP).</o:p>
When I tap with stylus on the field to enter data such as an aircraft N number, legs or remarks, I have to manually open letter recognition window to start writing. Other programs such as MS Word etc. usually open this window automatically. Any chance to have the same feature inLBP PDA?
Other 121 specific issues as posted elsewhere would be also helpful.</o:p>
However, since I started using LBP plus PDA companion, I also know that Ihave the latest logbook data in one place. Without your software my data would be scattered between different paper logbooks and shreds of notes. In other words, as soon as I get home and upload the numbers, my logbook is up-to-date. Thanks!



Jun 12, 2003
Hi Neal,

I agree with Fairgame that it would be nice if the data entry screen would pop-up automatically.

But it would be a lot nicer if like in the desktop version (and like the aircraft type box on the PDA) the program would remember the last 30 or so aircraft idents. This saves a lot of typing with the stylus. The same applies to the route box by the way.