Third entry not transfering during sync


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Sep 27, 2002
I have written to you before about a chronic problem I am having since I got my PDA a few months ago, but I have not found a solution. I have delineated the issues below but they all seem related. </o:p>
My setup is Win ME, HP2215, LBP 1.9.5 and 1.4., ActiveSync 3.7.1 (but I also experienced this with 3.7).</o:p>
I input data in my PDA throughout the day after each set of three flights. For example, I make three flights A / B / C after which I enter the data. Since the database stores the entries in the order entered, I input the data in chronological order of the flights I made. </o:p>
I enter OUT and IN times and other info on the first screen, save each entry, and then go to the Remarks screen for comments on the each flight in chronological order.</o:p>
ISSUE regarding sequence of flights on Day 1: When I turn on the PDA to enter the next three flights D / E / F for the day, I notice that the order of flights A / B / C is changed for some reason to B / C / A. This affects Day 1 only of each trip in the PDA. The rest of the trip appears in correct order for Day 2, Day 3, etc. The point is that I do not deviate from the manner in which I enter the data.</o:p>
ISSUE regarding sequence of Days: The flights on Day 1 are listed last in the PDA and all other days are ahead but in proper order Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 with Day 1 last.</o:p>
ISSUE regarding dropped flight when synchronizing from PDA to desktop: When I synchronize with the desktop, flight A (appearing as third en

Issues noted for review in the next update.

Try PURGING your PPC data by going to the main 'switchboard' screen and clicking the Purge option to purge your DB. If you want to try an uninstall, after uninstalling from the PPC also DELETE the 'Logbook Pro' folder out from under the \Program Files area in File Explorer. The data file isn't getting removed in an uninstall and the error warnings indicate a synchronization collision from prior entries.

I have very similiar issues as Jay on my iPaq 2210 which currently make using my iPaq to enter flighttimes unusuable:

* First the minor issue: I always enter flighttimes immediately after the flight but when I restart the LBP for the PDA, the flights are no longer in a chronological order.

* Now the big issue: When synchronizing the logbook, Active Sync always displays the attached logfile (much like Jay's logfile) and approx. half of the flights are not synchronized and remain on the PDA. When I open the file logbook.cdb on my PDA manually using Access I notice that the field "LogID" for half of the flights is set to "0" where the other flights have numbers like "323201723".

Does this mean anything? Isn't the LogID field the primary key and should never be "0" for a valid entry?

Thanks for any advice.

LBP 1.9.5
ActiveSync 3.7.1
When can we expect a fix for this issue?

I bought a PDA and your PDA software so I can enter flight times digitally immediately after the different flights and now I'm not able to use both since two months because of this issue.
I have not been able to reproduce the issue. Have you tried completely purging the PDA of Logbook Pro then reinstalling? You would need to uninstall from ActiveSync, uninstall from the PDA, remove the 'Logbook Pro' folder from under \Program Files and then reinstall. If you have nothing else worth saving, delete the partnership from ActiveSync, hard reset the PDA, then reinstall and see if the issue continues.

I already have completely deleted and reinstalled my PPC in the meantime due to a ROM update and the same issue is happening again. Approx. half of the flights are not synchronized to the PC. I even uninstalled and reinstalled ActiveSync on my PC at the same time.

At least I'm not alone with this problem...
I think I solved now the problem I was experiencing. There seems to be a bug with PDA software which occurs when I try to enter a new flight on the PDA (clicking on the bottom left 'new' icon) while I have the custom text page displayed.

I use the custom text option to enter the name of the captain I'm flying with and when I click on 'new' while displaying the name, the software corrupts the database and approx. half of the flights I entered will not be synchronized.

I now successfully entered and synchronized several flights, making every time sure that the 'general' page is displayed on my PDA before clicking on 'new'.

I will test this a few more days and then report back...
I experienced the same issue. Not all the flights are transferred to the desktop program. But it does not happen every time, in fact usually it is ok. With the new 1.9.6 version it did not occur yet.

The flights however are also in version 1.9.6 not in chronological order. Is there a way to display them in that order in the desktop version?

Flights are ordered by Date on the desktop. For flights of the same date, they are ordered by entry time. It is important to enter flights on either the PDA or PC occuring on the same date exactly in the order as flown.

I just read all the entries since I started it. Here are few points that look similar to mine:
-I use iPaq 2210.
-I also enter name of the other pilot in Remarks section for each flight.
-I enter flights during the day so they are in the proper order. Usually I copy and paste the remarks section (pilot's name etc) and make corrections as needed. After that I do not open these entries. However, sometime during the day the entries 'jump' out of order. I cannot think of any link that would precipitate this.
-All of this does not happen every time.
-I didn't try this many times to be sure, but it seems to help if I go to the last entry in general view before selecting NEW. At least the flights stay in the order entered.
Stating the obvious, confirm your PDA version is 1.9.6. When you save a new entry, the system tags the Date of the flight AND entry time. Logbook Pro sorts by Date, then Entry Time. Therefore, when you EXIT the application and start it again, it will refresh the sort. The issue may be that on a Pocket PC, it does not close the application but instead puts it in the background to make subsequent loads faster, this is normal PPC behavior. Logbook Pro has an Exit button (green door) and on the File menu IIRC, that forces the application to close. This is recommended when finished entering data on the PPC so a new startup will refresh the sorts. Regardless, the sort is only for display value on the PPC. The data on the PPC after sync'ing retains the order of entry and should sort correctly. EDITING a flight does not change the sequence, sequence is locked on the first SAVE of the new flight. Edits just update data, not sorts.