Quicker data entry into PDA needed.


Jul 2, 2005
I am a new user of LBP - and I love it great product - but it can become better, especially the PDA companion.

What it needs is easier acces to existing data, like tailnumbers paired to a type, airports and quicker time entry - all from pulldown menus.

Have a look at Captains Keeper from http://www.nimblefeet.com/, though inferior to LBP in allmost every way, they have got the PDA data entry right, they have an uncluttered PDA screen which is really easy and quick to use. They use pulldown menus for all the data, including crew members - and the time entry system is also much quicker - have a look at it and you will see.

They use seperateFrom/To pulldowns rather than the combined Route that LBP uses (Probably an US system), but I prefer to have them seperate.

They also have a neat "LEG" function that when used keeps the crew and aircraft data for the next flight, and uses the last"TO" airport as"FROM" on the nest leg - this is wery nice when you fly 4 to 6 short sectors a day, and saves entering a lot of repeated data.

I took a look at the APDL too, but that seems like overkill to me, with its extremelt cluttered layout.

Finally it keeps a copy of your log on the PDA which I find quiet nice too - but not essential.

Anyway - I hope my feedback will be of some use to you, keep up the good work. Cant wait to see v 2, the eurofied version
I agree the PDA version for LBP needs a majior over haul and is long over due if you ask me. I have had the pda version for a long time and still dont use it because of its UI. I feel like I bought a used car with the PDA software, but i love LBP for the desktop.
Agreed, data entry and naviagation to all pages is sloooooow and awkward. It needs a overhaul to make entry fast like ADPL. As a corporate pilot duty time would be very helpful (nice to show the boss how much time you are spending with the aircraft in addition to the flight time.

As on option you should be able to enter times in hours and tenths not just minutes. I'm lookng forward to you next version.
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