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Jun 30, 2007

My company flies all of it's trips on Zulu time and this is what is in my log book. Please tell me (read: talk to me like I'm a 4-year-old) how to enter times Out/IN and how to get this information to add up in properly in the duration column.

Thank you.

You can enter the out/in takeoff/land times as desired in Logbook Pro by clicking the button when the cursor is in the corresponding column of the new log entry row. You can specify duration calculations in the Options...Flight Log area as to whether duration comes from out to in or takeoff to land.
More help needed

Sorry Neil...

I’m very new to this software and I’m missing something. I see in the Options area (Flight Log) where I can click on auto duration to get the out/in times. But my log book doesn’t have an out or in column.

Now, I see that I can add out and in columns in the Custom settings but doing this gets me a column that wants to put hours and tenths in NOT Zulu times like I want to do.

Please, if you can – I need very specific instructions on how to set this up. And again thank you for your time.


Never mind.... I found it. Just took a little looking around.
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Click Options
Select Flight Log Tab
Select Config Display Button
Put a check in the boxes for OUT OFF ON IN or whatever ones you want to see. Most people just use Block OUT and Block IN.

Open you logbook in the spreadsheet view
Start entering your flight data and when you get to the OUT column you will see window pop up to enter the actual time.


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